I am a 53 year old, hairstylist, and have always been in good health enjoying an active lifestyle. Although I do have significant arthritis in knees, and left ankle, as well as nerve damage, causing nerve pain, and drop foot on the left side. I had a knee surgery for a meniscus tear, and a month later I fell breaking my arm and spraining my ankle. My life as I knew it completely changed. I could hardly walk, or stand as the pain, and weakness was unbearable. The swelling in my right knee was not subsiding even though I was icing often, and taking anti-inflammatory medication. My whole right leg was much larger than the left. I was becoming weaker, and feeling hopeless, as it had been 4 months, and my condition was getting worse, with no recovery.

On Facebook someone shared they had tried Cryotherapy. I did some research and decided that it may be an option for the inflammation and pain I had been suffering from. After 1 Session combined with the leg compression, I felt energized. The inflammation began to subside; my metabolism seemed to be faster, losing a few unwanted pounds. I felt hopeful, and encouraged for the first time since my surgery. The healing began, and I was able to get back to normal activity without pain or weakness, and a new attitude. I am truly amazed at the regeneration result of Cryotherapy, and would recommend this to all.

The staff at Complete health and wellness has been so readily available to offer support and knowledge. I appreciate this clinic more than I can express. The Cryotherapy has completely changed my life.Satisfied Customer!

As a medical professional for over 25 years, I initially had some skepticism about “the NovoTHOR Bed”. I have a severe case of psoriasis that effects my skin and joints. Winter is the worst time of year for me, so I tried the NovoTHOR.

After 3 treatments there was significant improvement, by the sixth treatment my arms were totally clear. IT WORKS! The staff at Complete Health and Wellness are pleasant, professional and understanding, Steve is the greatest.

In my private practice I now refer to Complete Health & Wellness for various conditions( PTSD, Fibromyalgia, baldness, any inflammatory issues, and did I mention I lost a few pounds as a side effect!) I strongly suggest u try Complete Health & Wellness. Renee Grandieri MSAPRN | Chief Operating Officer | Partida-Corona Medical Center

I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment today!

As a result, the diminished pain is much more manageable and the quality of life is much better than before the treatment.

I am really Looking forward to my next treatment!Pat

I am in my early fifties, and suffer from joint and muscle pain caused from multiple injuries, physical work, as well as nerve damage pain in my leg and foot. ( sprains, broken bones, surgeries). The pain had caused so much discomfort that I had gone from living an active lifestyle to sitting with heat, ice and medication to deal with the discomfort. As a result from the pain and lack of mobility I had gained 30 pounds, and felt hopeless that I could feel better.

I met Steve at Complete Health and Wellness, as a friend had recommended Cryotherapy (Cryotherapy is great). Steve talked to me about my issues and highly recommended I try the NovoTHOR bed. He laid out a treatment plan of 2-3 session per week for 4-6 weeks. He promised results that I thought were unrealistic.

I began the NovoTHOR sessions as recommended, and before I was halfway through the treatment plan I experienced dramatic results. I felt so much better, with a change in attitude as the discomfort started to dissipate. I began walking more and the desire to sit, and eat went with the pain and discomfort.

After 6 sessions I had lost 1 inch in my thigh, 1/4 inch in my knee, and 1/2 inch in my calve and to top it off I had lost pounds!

Upon completion of my NovoTHOR sessions I lost 10 inches overall, 22 pounds, and I am pain free with no discomfort from neuropathy. I am back in the gym and I have my life back as a result of the “Magic Bed”. Thank you NovoTHOR!!Julie Fuhrman